I made Severa from Fire Emblem! She’s strange but I love her! My god, I still love this game!

I felt inspired to make a Pokémon so I made Gourgeist because she’s just so cute! It felt nice to make something different for a change!

I made Henry a while ago, finally got around to taking his pictures. He was one of my favorite characters too, I love dark mages! His eyes were harder to paint  than they look though! I have another henry, if some are interested please contact me! 

So I made Noir a while ago! She’s so cute, I couldn’t decide a hair color but I chose white because in my game I married Tharja to My Unit who has white hair!

I made Maribelle from Fire Emblem Awakening, I really liked her a lot, I wish more people did! She’s really sweet deep down. I have more of her if some people are interested.

I wish more people knew of Final fantasy: 4 heroes of light, anyway, I made Jusqua for my sister just because…

I made Tharja from Fire emblem 13! She’s one of my favorite characters!

Toon kotone for the colection. I made her a while ago.

Toon kotone for the colection. I made her a while ago.

Maya from Ace attorney. I made her a long time ago, i never get to update…

Pokemon trainers I need to make the rest sometime. Due to past problems this is my 3rd bitty Kotone!