Made these a while ago! Just was messing with clay (´∀`*)I’m thinking about doing a giveaway soon (I hope~)

I made Severa from Fire Emblem! She’s one of my favorites, I had a lot of fun making her (*´∀`*)

I finally convinced my sister to make stuff with me! we made kill la kill charms, my sister made Ryuko and I made Mako. They’re so cute! If you’re interested in either you can message me, it’s one for $20 plus shipping, I can change the expressions upon request!

I finally finished the whole group! They’re so cute~ I have more if people are interested, $17 plus shipping for one and $58 plus shipping for all four. Also if you want different expressions or want a different eye color for Ringabel I can do that upon request! If you are interested let me know!

I made Bravely Default key chains for fun! I’m thinking about making Tiz and Ringabel soon! Maybe if people are interested enough I can make some more.

I made Severa from Fire Emblem! She’s strange but I love her! My god, I still love this game!

I felt inspired to make a Pokémon so I made Gourgeist because she’s just so cute! It felt nice to make something different for a change!

I made Henry a while ago, finally got around to taking his pictures. He was one of my favorite characters too, I love dark mages! His eyes were harder to paint  than they look though! I have another henry, if some are interested please contact me! 

So I made Noir a while ago! She’s so cute, I couldn’t decide a hair color but I chose white because in my game I married Tharja to My Unit who has white hair!

I made Maribelle from Fire Emblem Awakening, I really liked her a lot, I wish more people did! She’s really sweet deep down. I have more of her if some people are interested.